Relationship Counselling | Psychosexual Therapy | Post-Trauma | Bereavement.

People who come to see me experience a range of problems, which have included:

  • Difficulties in communication within relationships at work and in the family
  • A variety of sexual issues such as specific difficulties with sexual function as well as lack or loss of desire
  • concern about sexual attractiveness and differing libidos in a relationship
  • Affairs and other challenges to relationships
  • Work-related issues 
  • Bereavement and losses of other kinds
  • Traumatic incidents or trauma from early in life

For those interested in the methodologies I use in working with clients, I would say these are mainly psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural and EMDR but dictated by the nature of the presenting problem as well as the predisposition of the individual seeking help.  


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My apologies if the terms above are meaningless or even off-putting because an understanding of the jargon really isn’t necessary. However, if you would like to know more then try these links...

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